Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Confusing, Hostile Yet Beneficial Relationship With Reality Television

The reality TV gods have been very sort to Sarah Palin. Her own show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a demonstrable hit, breaking ratings records for the usually stolid network TLC. Additionally, the former Governor’s own daughter Bristol Palin is a finalist on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, affording Mama Palin copiousness of invaluable network TV appearances in which the presidential hopeful comes off as a helpful and relatable mother. It seems odd, then, that leaked excerpts of Palins’ latest book are very serious of reality television (specifically American Idol), essentially refudiating the very genre from which she benefits so greatly.

Unless you’ve been living on an Arctic ice floe, you are well conscious of Sarah Palin’s evolving relationship with the mainstream media, and her possess mega-budget, Mark Burnett-produced reality show. Many media critics have openly recommended that the reality show is nothing more than an expensive political campaign ad designed to demonstrate how normal Ms. Palin’s life is, but with exciting family adventures, each coincidentally proving the inborn strength and decisiveness of the former Alaska Governor.

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