Friday, May 27, 2011

X Factor USA: Pussycat Dolls choreographer says “Simon really wanted Nicole on the show”

Robin Antin, the choreographer who initially put together hit girl band The Pussycat Dolls, has told Extra that Simon Cowell “really wanted” Nicole Scherzinger on X Factor USA.

Antin made her remarks in response to questions about why she thought Cheryl Cole had been axed from the demonstrate.

Robin spoke to Extra while attending the finale of this year’s American Idol, and she suggested that Nicole was an clear choice for judge over Cheryl, even though Cheryl has been with the show for its first auditions.

Antin added, “I know that there was a lot of going back and forth, and I know that Simon actually wanted Nicole to be on the show, no matter what.

So finding her the place of host made sense…
I don’t know the exact details of how everything went down, but it sounds like a excellent thing.

Nicole should be judging. She knows what she’s doing.
Do you agree? Is Nicole the right choice as a judge currently that Cheryl’s left?

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