Wednesday, June 29, 2011

America's Got Talent' recap: New York auditions, take 2

I confess: I've been a little down on "America's Got Talent" these past few weeks. Look, each episode is watchable, especially during the auditions as we try to scout the season's eventual winner. But some recent nights just haven't been capable to capture the energy that's been the hit variety show's staple. Like a star pitcher suffering from a sore shoulder, we know the ability is there, but we just haven't seen it all come together in a while.

That's why Tuesday night's episode was as pleasant for the breath of fresh air it represented as it was for its energetic collection of outrageous acts. This wasn't just quality AGT — this was the best episode of the season. And rather than line up my recap as the usual best/worst breakdown, I'll just present the six most memorable acts of the night.

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