Thursday, December 22, 2011

K-pop auditions spread their reach

With the world-wide fame of Korean pop music, local auditions to find new singers are becoming bigger, serving as a golden ticket for producers and musician aspirants alike.

Audition programs became big in Korea following the achievement of "Superstar K: Season 1," which was aired on cable channel beginning July 2009.

The program's success led main broadcasters MBC and SBS to start their own programs Star Audition and Survival Audition K-pop Star, correspondingly, quickly changing the pattern of talent recruitment for entertainment agencies.

Instead of searching for young talent on the streets and via informal auditions, they began to hold open auditions by joining hands with broadcasters or overseas firms.

While holding auditions is in fact not an easy matter? Considering the money and the amount of time necessary? Agencies are gladly making the effort, recognizing them as the best means of finding competitive new talent.

It's also a good way for producers and agencies to promote their names internationally, considering the impact they can have on international fans," said Kim Myung-jin, head of promotions for Enex Telecom, an organizer of an international audition program slated for next year.

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