Monday, January 30, 2012

LFW model auditions: Hope and joy for some, lessons for all

The Lakme Fashion Week 2012 model auditions, held in Mumbai previous week, saw only 10 aspirants chosen from among 350. But win or lose, each one has a dream to follow, a story to tell and a lesson to share. Divya Nair reports.

Every year, scores of youngsters from across India audition for possibly the biggest fashion event in the country -- Lakme Fashion Week.

Everyone is tall, has a svelte figure and aspires to become a supermodel someday.

While a handful of them return home happy to tell a story of success, hundreds find an excuse to brave denial.

And this year was no dissimilar the auditions held on January 23 at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai saw approximately 240 young men and 120 women register for the event.

Dressed in their best -- sleeveless tees, shorts and croptops to show off their toned, taut bodies -- each nervously awaited a turn before the panel of judges, which features the who's who of the fashion world. IMGR fashion director Anjana Sharma, designer Narendra Kumar, supermodel Nina Manuel, choreographers Lubna Adams, Shy Kalra and Anu Ahuja and photographer Farokh Chotia are not easily swayed; they know who they're looking for and it's not simple to match up to their high requirements.

For some, it is the first time and they anxiously fidget in order to look their best; others are here to try their luck once again, sharing their audition experiences and tips with the newbies.

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