Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'Awakening' show tackles teen issues

Elizabeth Judd didn’t expect to receive a domestic abuse confession while greeting fans after a demonstrate, but that’s the power of “Spring Awakening.”

A youthful girl approached Judd — who plays the female lead of Wendla — after a show to share her experience with violence. While Judd’s character does not get abuse, her castmate does within the musical.

She said seeing her go through it on stage made her think not so alone going through it in real life,” Judd said. “That’s definitely been the most moving part.

The Tony Award-winning play, obtainable by the Center for the Performing Arts, will debut at 7:30 p.m. in Eisenhower Auditorium. The musical is presently on its second national tour, which began in October 2010, kicking off in Macomb, Ill.

The show, set in Germany in the late 1800s, focuses on teenagers stressed to find the answers to life and who they are. The coming-of-age story though set in an older time period, features pop-rock music, entire with neon lights and hand-held microphones.

The demonstrate, covering topics from abortion and suicide to domestic abuse, approaches life as a teen from the musical perception, as all internal monologues are portrayed through song.

For cast member and Penn State student Jim Hogan, the show is perfect for college campuses, as it addresses the issues this exacting age group feels.

The message of the show is timeless and universal, Hogan said. It doesn’t substance if you’re a teenager or adult, if it’s 1891 or 2011 — the story is gorgeous.

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