Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Given chances, Pritchard holds out for right 1

NEW YORK — Ever since Lauren Pritchard was a teenager, she dreamed of becoming a singer-songwriter - a goal she pursued with approximately singular determination, even passing up a coveted opportunity to achieve it.

At 18, she appears on Broadway in the Tony Award-winning "Spring Awakening," but left for a musical career.

She landed a development deal with a major record label, but deserted it because she felt that she wouldn't be allowed to create songs the way she wanted to do them.

Pritchard then auditioned for a TV pilot, but after catching producers' attention, decided not to pursue the role. Instead, she set out for London to record the album that she had wanted to make for years.

The TV pilot turned out to be Fox network's "Glee," and the role was Rachel Berry, which has made Lea Michele a singing and acting feeling.

But Pritchard, who is presently on tour, has no regrets about "Glee," or any of her other career choices, because she feels she took the right path.

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