Wednesday, May 26, 2010

'American Idol' Report Card: Did Bowersox Or DeWyze Top The Finale?

It's last report card time in our American Idol classroom, but before we get into sizing up Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze's performance, the first grade has merely got to go to the show's producers. Y'all get a wholehearted outstanding for the out-of-the-box decision to ditch those cloying original singles from long-ago seasons (This is My Now! No Boundaries!) And let the contestants sing wrap songs.

Thus what we got on Tuesday night was the prospect of six enormous songs, and the challenge for our remaining two students was to sing them fine. That didn't always occur. Even this late in the game, our two finalists are not summa cum laude all-stars. But they both have come a extended way since their Chicago auditions. We're pleased to think that both Bowersox and DeWyze will be moving on to careers as footage artists. But only one of them will walk away with heading of season nine's valedictorian. It's time to whip out the red pen and lay down some grades with our previous Idol report card of 2010.

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