Monday, July 12, 2010

Grammy Award-winning producers seek out the top female talents in Asia

Grammy Award-winning producers Eliot Kennedy and Brian Grant team up with Far West Entertainment, Asia's new global media company founded by previous Electronic Arts executive Jon Niermann (host of Asia Uncut), to seek out the top female talents in Asia and launch them into an unprecedented global music career.

Visiting the Philippines lately to lay the groundwork for Project Lotus, Kennedy explains their objective in simplest terms.

In principle, it's a ability search across all Asia, he begins.

What we're doing is a very easy idea but it's never been done before. We want take five girls from five dissimilar Asian countries, 5 from Philippines, 5 from Japan, 5 from China, 5 from India, 5 from Korea. And what we're going to do is take every one 25 girls and put them in a place called the Lotus Academy in Hong Kong [where there's] an enormous facility with dance studios, recording studios, vocal studios, etc.

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