Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Surfer Erica Hosseini Reveals New Mutant in X-Men: First Class Movie

After much rumor, we now have an interesting bit of news from someone who really auditioned for the upcoming X-Men movie franchise, X-Men: First Class. In a current interview with Straight2DVD, surfer-turned-model and aspiring actress Erica Hosseini revealed that she auditioned for the role of a mutant not formerly depicted in any of the X-Men movies.

I just went in for a reading for the latest X-Men movie: First Class... I was tremendously nervous and reading my lines the best I could. But I have absolutely no acting experience. I actually hope that I get a call back, but I'm not holding my breath.

I was auditioning for a role named Willow (expectantly I don't get in trouble for blabbing details on the off-chance that I get it). It's a role comparable to Mystique [the blue-skinned shapeshifter played by Rebecca Romijn in the X-Men trilogy] from what I comprehend. Potentially lots of body paint, so that would be truly fun.

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