Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glee Songs of Charice Now in iTunes

The premiere episode of Season 2 of America’s famous TV program Glee has lastly hit the TV screens September 21 and as expected, it is packed with so much fun, talent and most of all enthusiasm. A lot of new characters appeared as early as the episode blasted and it has included Philippines’ youthful diva Charice.

She played the character of Sunshine Corazon who happens to be threat to Rachel Berry. Their first meet was a battle duet of Telephone of Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Rachel therefore concluded that Sunshine is not just for backup hummer and a genuine threat to her spotlight. She gave the exchange student wrong directions to the audition just to get rid of her. luckily, fellow Asians Mike and Tina helped Sunshine to the real audition. Sunshine then sang her own rendition of Dreamgirls’ Listen leaving everybody in awe. Sadly, Sunshine was bribed by rival Vocal Adrenaline giving her a condo and a green and just carried her away from New Directions. She’ll be reverse on the Regionals though.

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