Monday, September 13, 2010

Source Says Jennifer Lopez Sure to Be “Idol” Judge

Despite all the unconstructive talks about her alleged diva demands, Jennifer Lopez is allegedly already a cinch to join Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler as judges of American Idol Season 10.

A source cited by Usa magazine said that JLo is absolutely joining idol with the contract now ready for Lopez’s signature. Lopez’s hiring could be announced subsequently month, just in time for the beginning of the auditions for the new season. Despite early setbacks, the negotiations ended up working out and they have a excellent agreement, the source said.

Earlier, there were reports that Idol producers were having problems agreeing to Lopez’s divalike demands, although those claims were not at all substantiated. Another report claims that Lopez will receive $12 million to sit in the panel. The offer is allegedly down from the $15 million that Lopez demanded.

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