Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WesCeleb: Samantha Pearlman ’11

Samantha Pearlman ’11 is a lively triple-threat in the theater world. This actress/singer/dancer sat down with The Argus to converse her Puerto Rican accent, the pranks she puts up with, and her future move to the city that not at all sleeps.

The Argus: I’ve seen and read that you have been very involved with Second phase Theater during your time at Wesleyan. Can you say to me more about that?

Samantha Pearlman: During my first semester at Wesleyan, I was in three Second phase plays. I’ve actually gotten involved in the student theater scene. I think Second Stage is one of the coolest things about Wesleyan because it’s a beautiful space completely dedicated to students. As for a few highlights, I played the title role in Jose Rivera ‘s Marisol my freshman year. My sophomore year I was in a musical called Black Friday that a senior wrote for his theory. And then last year I was in Sweeney Todd and I played Mrs. Lovett. This semester, I’m directing something for Second phase for the first time, along with Ross Shenker ’11. We are directing a cabaret evening that goes up this Friday and Saturday evening in the ’92. It’s comprised of six singers and every will sing two songs. We’ve only been rehearsing a week, so it will be attractive to see what happens.

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