Thursday, October 7, 2010

TV Review: Harry Loves Lisa

I have an inordinate liking for Lisa Rinna, one that has a long, convoluted back-story involving her arc on Veronica Mars, opposite her real-life husband Harry Hamlin. So TV Land’s fresh reality show, Harry Loves Lisa, hits all my sweet spots. Lisa Rinna being outrageous in my living room on a weekly basis? Yes, please.

What’s more surprising about the demonstrate is Hamlin. He’s always seemed like a stunted action movie star, someone whose career never actually took off, stranding him at C-plus level. Yet in real life (or “real” life), he comes across as a pleasant, intelligent man. His lisping impression of a gay director request him to drop trou during an audition for Equus in the '70s is borderline offensive, but he also played gay in the 1982 film Making Love, a film that comes up continually in interviews with him and which Hamlin has stated frequently he is proud of.

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