Friday, October 8, 2010

X Factor 2010: Katie Waissel promises ‘showstopper’ performance

X Factor finalist Katie Waissel is desperate to confirm that she deserves her place on the ITV show, or some would say just desperate in common.

The singer also known as Lola Fontaine, has formerly starred in her own online reality TV show and had even landed an American record deal, before entering the ITV demonstrate. Many viewers are furious that despite all these breaks, some alleged connections to Simon Cowell’s record label and the reality that she messed up during two of her auditions, Cheryl Cole still chose Katie as one of her peak three singers.

Speaking to This Morning, the 24 year old singer admitted that she has something to attest to the public and said that she can’t wait for people to see that she deserves to be there.

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