Thursday, October 14, 2010

What Was The Most Stolen Car In 2009?

What does each little girl dream of? To be a princess. To wear a gorgeous dress and be whisked away in a horse and carriage by a handsome Prince. Emma Dearden’s musical talents have blessed her with the opening to fulfill the fairy tale fantasy in her new role as Cinderella at Brighton’s Theatre Royal.

Glancing over Emma’s lengthy CV had made me rather anxious about meeting the 21-year-old performer. Actress, singer, model, dancer and straight ‘A’ student, Emma is quick on her way to national stardom. After weeks of interview postponements and rearrangement, I gained a glimpse into the hectic lifestyle and competing demands an aspiring actress has to deal with. With an hour to spare from her tiring schedule of casting calls, auditions and rehearsals, we meet in Emma’s local pub, Hurstpierpoint’s New Inn.

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