Friday, February 4, 2011

Local 'survivor' says, 'I want to be the tough girl'

It was last summer; about a month before taping was set to begin on the latest "Survivor," when it happened.

Ashley Underwood, 25, of Benton, was walking -- and texting at the similar time -- when she took one false step and stubbed her foot on the sidewalk.

She bankrupts her toe.

Undeterred by the bad timing, Underwood continued her powerful workouts and studying in preparation for the popular TV contest. And she didn't tell the makers of "Survivor" about her toe, just in case that might endanger her spot on the show.

That minor hitch, and Underwood's willpower to suck it up and press on, is a pretty good indication of what kind of contestant she'll be when "Survivor: Redemption Island" begins ventilation on Feb. 16 on CBS.

I want to be the tough girl, Underwood said Thursday, in her first interview since it was announced preceding month she would be on the show.

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