Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recap: 'Live to Dance' - The Finalists Dance

The last six acts bring it – but one stands out

Is it me, or is this show made up of so much filler there’s actually only about fifteen minutes of actual show? Anyway, we’re down to the top six, so I’m guessing there will be even less demonstrate and more time wasting shambling than we’ve seen previously. Hopefully some of that will involve Paula Abdul acting all hella crazy. She’s been far too pulled together on this show, actually.

[Full recap of Wednesday's (Feb. 2) "Live to Dance" after the break...]

Wow, the judges are previously seated! They aren’t walking out holding hands and waving to the huddle masses!

Oh, goody, let’s look at last week’s finalists in an endless mosaic of performances we’ve already seen and which we can no longer vote for. lastly, Andrew reveals that America voted for… Kendall Glover! Really? Even Travis said she wasn’t one of the better performers last week due to her leg extension. But she is pretty and bouncy, so that counts for something.

First up, we see Twitch. They’ve been dancing together for ten years, and because they’re seniors this is the previous time they’ll be dancing together. Aw, come on guys! Screw college; get your act to Broadway! Rent a one bedroom apartment, work at one of the million Starbucks in Manhattan and audition all day, you can perform it!

And truly, they could. This is a visually stunning performance. The choreography is truly spot on, and they have some fun with the paparazzi concept. They’re extremely well synchronized and they combine contemporary style with gymnastic elements attractive flawlessly. The show’s off to a good start!

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