Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tyler rocks 'Idol' boat in good way

Fame isn't all gold, honey and massage oils; it's also the successful navigation of a steady stream of improbable and uncomfortable situations.

As proved by the first few weeks of the 10th season of American Idol, Steven Tyler is an unalloyed genius at such steering.

The moment when the lead singer for the durable rock band Aerosmith - one of the fresh judges this season - claimed the show as his own was felt through the third night of auditions.

Chris Medina sang a muscular version of the Script tune Breakeven after telling the story of fiancée Juliana Ramos, who had suffer a brain injury that left her capable to move her left arm but little more.

Later, at the behest of the judges, he escorted Ramos into the audition room.

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