Friday, December 17, 2010

Kylie Minouge Wants Dorky X Factor Contestants Back

Kylie Minogue has blasted the X Factor for creation this year’s contestants less real.

She thinks too much time is spent style contestants but she prefers when they were dorky.

She told the Daily Star: There’s a obvious change with what they’ve done with the contestants from the start of the live shows.

In previous years, they were a bit more…I want to say dorky, but I don’t denote that in a bad way. They were a bit more as they were in genuine life, less styled and groomed.

Kylie’s younger sister, Danni, was mentor to demonstrate winner Matt Cardle and transformed his style from jeans and a hat to stylish suits.

Kylie added: They’ve absolutely all had new looks from the first live show in this series. But it’s different and part of me thinks: ‘Oh, I want them to be more resembling they were in the auditions.

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