Friday, January 28, 2011

Dream comes true for Amelia

Dance instructors and pupils at a Wellingborough dance school were celebrate this week after one of their classmates was invite to train with the Royal Ballet School of London.

Nine-year-old-Amelia Hawksby, who attends the Kilburn School of Dance in Wellingborough, wowed representatives from the Royal Ballet School throughout her audition and has since been chosen to attend classes on a bi-weekly basis with their particularly trained staff.

Dance teacher Amanda Wilkins said: She has done extremely well.

In the precedent 20 years just five of our pupils have been chosen for the course, which goes to show the level of rivalry she faced to get the place on the course.
These classes are of a very high stage and it is a very extraordinary thing to be chosen.

I’m delighted for her and her dream of becoming a expert ballet dancer is one step closer to reality at present.

Little Amelia, of Burton Latimer, was delighted with the news.

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