Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brit TV show wants eight housemates to live without clothes for 30 days

London, Mar 15 – The producers of a demonstrate in Britain are looking to hire eight housemates to live together for 30 days with no clothes on.

The ‘Nak’d Truth’ has already caused a storm in America, with hundreds of thousands frantic to take part, and now bosses want to create a British version, to be filmed at a nudist resort in Florida.

And they are heading to Blackpool after that month to hold auditions.

We plan to take eight Brits and factually strip them naked. We want some seriously interesting Brits to make the line-up, the Daily Star quoted programmed creator Harris Salomon as saying.

The plan is to roll the show out across the world. Clothing is such an integral part of who we are and we don’t appreciate how it affects us until we no longer have it on, he stated.

Manchester-based Tom Annandale, 28, has already been contacted later than his failed tennis court streak became a web sensation.

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