Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nicole Scherzinger reveals new details on Men In Black III

Pussy Cat Doll and girlfriend of British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Scherzinger is pictured leaving her London hotel as she heads off to obtain part in the X-Factor boot camp. - Simon Earl / Splash News

Singer Nicole Scherzinger has revealed fresh details on her role in the new Men in Black III.

The 32-year-old, who is dating Formula One star Lewis Hamilton, said she is eager about her role in the movie alongside Will Smith.

Speaking to UK newspaper The Sun, she said: 'Auditions are dreadful. On stage being a pop star I feel at home. Auditions are cold, disagreeable. I have gone through so many and been rejected and sent home in tears.

But I just finished Men in Black III - a proper Hollywood blockbuster - and it makes all that rejection valuable.

I play Lilly, the girlfriend of the escort character, Will Smith. She is a futuristic vixen of a villain. Oh, and I get to carry a rocket launcher. I am kinda bad-ass in the movie, I'm not going to lie.

She added: 'Will Smith made me feel like family on set and Emma Thompson is beautiful. Tommy Lee Jones was cool too.

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