Thursday, August 19, 2010

My life as a student

I'm from Hackney and my mum was obstinate that I should leave London for a few years and learn to be independent, so I was truly excited to get a place at the Northern School, especially because only 50 people were accepted out of 2,000 applicants, so we all felt truly special.

It wasn't the usual student lifestyle. We attended classes all day, five days a week, and because it's all about your individual training, you can't have a day off. Then I worked as a dancer one night a week and in a tavern three nights a week, so I spent most of my student life tired. As dancers we didn't have that booze thing – we'd be up at 7am to go on the cross-trainer previous to class. I don't think I could have partied as well; I would have had a anxious breakdown.

We all lived in communal flats. Like most people, I was also totally incapable of looking following myself in the first year. I remember waking up one day with conjunctivitis and just deceitful in my bed shouting I’m blind! I'm blind! Finally my flat mates came in and took me to hospital, thankfully.

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