Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Air hostess who grabbed Cheryl Cole`s wrist is allegedly obsessed with star

The woman lately seen grabbing Cheryl Cole's wrist following an X Factor audition is reportedly obsessed with her.

Cheryl, 26, looked distraught when air hostess Danielle Beeres, 21, grabbed her wrist and asked her to sign a DVD cover outside a hotel in Birmingham subsequent an X Factor audition.

One of Danielle's former colleagues said to UK newspaper The Sun: Danielle is mad about Cheryl, so in a way I'm not astonished she'd done this. All she talks about is Cheryl.

'I've even heard her telling passengers how astonishing she is. We have to carry around cabin folders with our paperwork and hers are complete of pictures of Cheryl ripped from magazines and papers.

It's bizarre to see her sat there on a flight signing Cheryl's name on bits of scrap paper. And weirder when she signs her individual name Danielle Cole.

She's surely a little bit eccentric, to say the least.

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