Sunday, June 27, 2010

America’s Plain Jane Audition Jane Monzures will find a home at the Oprah Winfrey Network. (OWN).

Hunt for the next TV star by Oprah Winfrey in a contest to win “My Own Show” in the network which she owns. The winner might be from Chicago.

Jane Monzures – native from Chicago and a Greek American recently submitted her video to the show. The effervescent host of “Healthy Living Chicago” is very famous in Chicago and across the country, hopes her “America’s Plain Jane” will find a home at the Oprah Winfrey Network. (OWN).

The online audition of her made the viewers mesmerized and it shows enthusiasm and communicable energy of Jane.

The show is explained in many perception, but all together “America’s Plain Jane demonstrated how differently we perceive things and convert ordinary into extraordinary. Jane’s innovative ideas, the creativity, cleverness, confidence use to give their home and fashion a unique flair is astonishing. America’s Plain Jane is Jane Monzures. Jane changes a simple one into a special one;For example its food remade; fashion restyled; and home décor refurbished.

Jane’s talent and humor carries all from average to amazing.Jane involves in transferring trash into treasure and also visits, visionary women of American homes to show off their In built talents, whip-smart, self-styled fashion trends, and original home decorating techniques.

Plain Janes are everywhere.

In the show, semi finalist will be determined through online voting. Top five finalist will be lined up at Los Angeles, where the selection process will takes place, leading by the producers. It will be mixed up with the combination of in-person casting calls and online submissions in LA, Here 10 cast members will be selected for the television competition series, at least one from online submissions will be considered for the competition.

Jane Monzures – is a fusion of looks, ability, intellect, Zeal and passion. Someday or the other her talent will be acknowledged soon.

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