Thursday, June 17, 2010

Early favorites step into spotlight on ‘SYTYCD’

It’s time to get the dance party started! With auditions and the first sweeping, sometimes unjust (Anthony Burrell, we miss you!) cuts out of the way, we’re down to the last 11. I can’t say there’s a single really weak link that’s emerged thus far, but then again, last week we were treated to a big love-in of an episode in which each dancer hoofed it in their chosen genre, while this week we’ll absolutely see everyone pushed out of their comfort zones.

But, given how strong this batch of dancers is, that may not result in the car wrecks of seasons past, so truly, anything could happen. In other words, I wouldn’t place a bet on anyone. If anyone really betted on this show. Which would be, sincerely, a little weird, and possibly not legal even in Vegas. So let’s begin!

First off, if we can guest mate viewer response based on the applause from the studio audience, untimely favorites seem to be Billy, Jose, Lauren, Kent, Robert, who received a much more eager response than their cohorts. Where’s the love for the girls (with the omission of Lauren), people? Of course, the studio audience could be made up of typically friends and family, so who knows.

Cat, whose bun may be bigger than the rest of her head, tells us we will learn a small something about every one of our dancers tonight. Oh, joy. Because this is forever exciting. Not.

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