Monday, June 21, 2010

Amanda Bynes–retired at 24

There’s a moment, in a casting meeting, in the newest season of TV’s Entourage. Johnny Chase, aka Johnny Drama, the veteran 40ish actor and part of his far more triumphant brother’s posse, has been meditative the idea of quitting the business.

Yes, he tells the casting people, he enjoys the job. But 18 years, and still getting only auditions? Who can knob the rejection?

Not, apparently, Amanda Bynes. She had a couple of pretty victorious TV series, was a perky-funny presence in numerous passable teen comedies, and landed the plum of a supporting role in the smack musical Hairspray.

But it wasn’t happening for her. the momentum that it takes to get to stardom evaporated, and aging out of cheap teen comedies meant that her future work would be bounded. So she tweeted that it wasn’t amusing anymore. And that she’s reserved from acting, at the ripe old age of 24.

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